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Thoughts on the War in Ukraine

From the makers of the Tower of Babel, the Global War on Terror, and COVID-19, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Global American Empire, comes the new and improved World War III! 

Listen my friends, if you just came out of the pandemic realizing that maybe, just maybe, not everything the ruling class told us about the plague was true but you are now posting blue and yellow flags and banging war drums in support of NATO action against Russia in Ukraine, point your web browser to and book yourself a first-class ticket on NGMI airlines straight to “Kyiv” and join the war effort. 

In all seriousness, in the past week since the invasion, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what the Christian response to this event should be. No, not the George W. Bush American Christian response, which would involve F-35s dropping bombs while Toby Keith plays in the background, but like an actual response that involves referencing both scripture and your critical thinking skills to assess what is really going on. Because what you are seeing on the news and social media isn’t the truth. 

Now before I go any further, I think we can lay a marker down in saying that invading a sovereign nation and killing innocent civilians is pretty much always wrong, right? Let’s get it out of the way, what Vladimir Putin is doing at this moment is wrong and our world leaders should be figuring out what needs to happen to get him to stop.

But that is sort of where things get a bit iffy, because part of the reason Putin is doing what he is doing is because of the actions of those said world leaders and unfortunately those actions aren’t in the best interest of traditional Christian believers across the globe either. 

Who are those leaders and what are these actions is probably the question you are asking right now. In broad terms, it’s the neo-liberal world order pushing for global hegemony under the guise of the sacred cow of democracy. 

If you want a perfect example of what that looks like, look no further than the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which, by the way, doesn’t exist any more because it is now called the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan and is back under control of the Taliban. You see, the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan was a twenty-year experiment conducted by the aforementioned Global American Empire  who after dispatching the masterminds behind 9/11 sought to quickly fashion it into a Western style democracy despite the country having a literacy rate of roughly 43%. Unfortunately for the United States and our allies, the Afghans didn’t take too well to the Woke infiltration of their deeply religious culture and said “Hey let’s bring back the dudes who stone women!” 

But outside of third world countries like Afghanistan, cultural subversion can’t come through bombs and tanks, so in places like the US and Europe the Globalists have had to be a little more sneaky. This involves an assault on two fronts through mass immigration and a propaganda campaign through the media, pop culture, and the public education system. The desired end-state is a diluted population of NPCs spending their days writing reports in cubicle farms and obeying every command of the global government. 

And this is where Putin comes in, because at times he has dared to challenge the future that the elites want for the world. At heart he is a Russian Nationalist, which means that he wants what is best for the Russian people. But in the new international age, nationalism is a dirty word, a remnant of the old world, full of fascism, racism, and bigotry. The old world and its ways must be destroyed so that we can progress to a new utopian age. If that sounds like Marxism, here’s your cookie, cause that’s because it is.

Christians are part of the old world as well. Our superstitious beliefs about the existence of God, our allegiance to Christ over the state, as well our focus on morality are an affront to a new world focused on materialistic hedonism. 

Now that doesn’t mean that the situation in Ukraine is one of those “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” deals. Christians should certainly not support the Russian invasion, but at the same time we need to refrain from jumping on the war wagon with NATO and the West. That will only lead to further death and destruction, and once it’s over you can probably guess who they’ll come for next. 

I don’t believe that Christians are called to be pacifists, but that doesn’t mean that we should go to war over every perceived injustice in the world. God has called his people to war in the past, but we must be cautious to ensure we are following his command and are not letting our compassion be deceived to commit violence at the behest of those who hate us. 

Yet the wars between the nations of this world are simply proxies of the spiritual war waged between good and evil. And that puts Christians on the front lines of the battle. We participate through offering up prayers to God on behalf of both the oppressor and the oppressed. We provide food, shelter, and medical care to the hungry, the homeless, and the injured. And most importantly we stand as witnesses to Christ’s kingship and his dominion over this world.

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